You are a resident camper at the quantum convergence campgrounds from across the universe. The Grove is held together and sustained by Banda, the ancient primordial being at its center. Ranger Murie is here. And your friends. In fact, a whole community lives and thrives here. And you're a part of it.

Work together to create, craft, build and explore. Each Grove is unique, and your adventures are as personal as the friends around the table. Are you searching for a place of pastoral contemplation and respite? The Grove has that.Or are you searching for mysteries and the darker brambles among the Grove?
It has that too.
Banda’s Grove is a diceless, cozy, slice of life RPG with hex map mechanics for 1+ players. A community-building game of discovery, quasi-magical quantum science, whimsy, and wonder!

Banda's Grove is copyright 2022 Pandion Games.
Please see our Third Party License for details on how to create your own content, commercial or personal, for Banda's Grove.



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Fostooth Gravelback | Ágil | This shy rodent hangs out among rocky piles and gets its name from its habit of collecting bits of gravel in the concave hollow on its back, which it uses to throw and stun insects.

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